Professional Practice Seminar Series – A unique way to grow your Practice

What do you do to maintain your professionalism as a coach? Joanne Searle

 A true professional works continually on their on-going learning, development and growth

  • How are you doing this?
  • Are you in integrity with your intention to develop a flourishing practice?
  • Are you willing to invest in yourself, your development & your network?

Joanne’s Professional Seminar Series is designed for coaches at all levels to engage experientially in your own on-going practice, to address and raise sensitivity to ethical issues based on real dilemmas, to experience a different level of support in the challenging, and at times scary, process of growing your practice, with the opportunity to grow your network.

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Please join us to experience what is a very a different approach to building your practice. This is how previous participant’s of Jo’s trainings have experienced her:

‘Joanne creates safety that allows us to have the deep experiences without feeling vulnerable’

‘Jo has an amazing skill of bringing out the best in every one of us’

‘I would like to highlight Jo’s ability to create a great container for learning. Her style is understated and affirming which created many opportunities for us to experiment with a different modality without fear of self consciousness. This had a profoundly positive impact on my ability to work with the material and build confidence in working in a new modality.’


Jo trained experientially and has 20 years of the experiential training and practice as a coach. She is passionate about the need we all have as coaches to be growing and developing throughout our career.

 Joanne Searle blends 25 years of practice as a UK registered Psychotherapist and Executive Coach and Coach Supervisor. She has worked with individuals and groups in many contexts including corporate, government, parastatal and the charity sector. Her extensive UK Psychotherapy training has provided in-depth experiential development of her own practice that has enabled her to become a leading experiential trainer in the practice of working with people. This depth of experience combined with a background as  chartered accountant means that she has a lot to offer practitioners who are looking to navigate the complex and challenging world of organisational coaching practice. Joanne’s first career was as  Chartered Accountant with PWC and she has trained over 30 coaches in coaching supervision.

Come along and experience her style of working….you won’t regret it!

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