Joanne Searle

Professional Practice Seminar Series with Joanne Searle

This series was created with new coaches in mind, but it is also of considerable value for the experienced practitioner. The seminars examine the various stages of the development of individual coaching from the beginning through to its conclusion and teach skills in how to handle difficulties in specific areas.

Participants can begin at any stage or attend individual seminars.

Seminar 1: Initial Contact – The First Impressions

This seminar will deal with the very early stages of coaching and will include chemistry sessions, evaluating social skills, interpersonal dynamics and self-management of the client based on limited information.

Seminar 2: Beginnings – The First Session

This seminar will explore gathering present and historical information, defining issues, building rapport and contracting.

Seminar 3: Building a Work Ethic

This seminar will focus on the variety of ways in which we encourage and teach clients to engage with themselves and use the coaching.

Seminar 4: Holding a Bifocal Perspective

In this seminar we will look at working in the here and now, problem-solving, creating a continuum of the coaching process and how these three are related.

Seminar 5: Working with Difficulties – Dealing with Complexity

This seminar will focus on acknowledging our difficulties, and complexity of client system, defining what the difficult issues are and where they belong, creating a plan, appropriate interventions and self-support.

Seminar 6: Endings

This seminar will deal with processing, discussing and negotiating endings, the appropriateness of ending, how to evaluate the client’s time in coaching and the coach-client relationship as well as ongoing self coaching.