Making a real success of your Coaching Practice

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Making a real success of your Coaching Practice

When you think about your coaching practice do you say to yourself    ‘What else can I do to make a go of this coaching career that I was once so excited about? How am I going keep it going?’

Do you like learning but also know that all the trainings and CPD points in the world still leave you with the existential reality of getting up each day to work on ways of building a successful and sustainable practice? For many of us, this can be a daunting and lonely process and sometimes a real challenge to our self-esteem. Have you had enough of putting your effort into ‘more of the same’? There is an alternative and proven approach to creating a reputable practice, an approach that many of the more successful and experienced coaches tend to rely on.

Professional Practice Seminar Series for Coaches with Joanne Searle

Do you ever:

  • Worry about how you will get clients?
  • Wonder if what you are actually doing in your practice is the right thing at the right time?
  • Feel unsure about how best to communicate with corporate buyers of coaching services?
  • Want to learn more about how to work in a complex organisational system with multiple stakeholders?
  • Feel a sense of isolation and uncertainty in your practice?

If you have a passion for on-going learning and development and want to:

  • Learn how to engage with managers to create impact and a personal reputation for delivery?
  • Be part of a supportive group of other coaches where feedback is considered and shared
  • Focus on what you actually do when you practice as a coach through all stages of the coaching relationship
  • Reflect on your practice with peers and experienced executive coaches

The Professional Practice Seminar Series is an experiential ongoing learning approach to developing your coaching practice. Joanne offers you the chance to explore all of the issues above in a supportive group environment.

In these seminars, participants share experience and issues and get different perspectives from fellow coaches. The group provides an opportunity to network and get support in how you go about building and sustaining your coaching business. Participants get the opportunity to continually improve the quality and impact of their feedback through ongoing group practice.

This experiential approach to practitioner development is different to most forms of coach training and practice development. It is not just about more tools and technical knowledge. It starts with the premise that ‘Who we are is how we work’. Learning who you are is best done in a safe, supportive experiential learning group. You will work with some of the real issues and dilemmas you come across in your practice and learn how to manage some of the complexity of relationships in your clients’ contexts. This transformational approach invites you to consider your active, lived relationship with the client, their system at work, intimate relationships and their lives in general. Work on how to build rapport more powerfully, how to provide a positive impact for your client and to notice how you support or hinder client commitment and alignment with the coachee.


  • Mutual support and shared experience to make your practice more robust in a challenging work environment
  • Networking with other coaches and different perspectives on coaching practice
  • Re-centring yourself so that you can go back to your work embodying your passion and what it is you have to offer clients
  • Safe space to explore how you actually practice and get back to your best learning mindset
  • Enhance your learning and reflection to create more impact

Joanne Searle blends 25 years of practice as a UK registered Psychotherapist and Executive Coach and Coach Supervisor. She has worked with individuals and groups in many contexts including corporate, government, parastatal and the charity sector. Her clients include Nedbank, RMB, FirstRand Group, Multichoice, Edcon, BBC, Eli Lilly, NHS, Wits Business School, USB, Transnet, DTi, Howden, Lovelife, SABCOHA etc. Her extensive UK Psychotherapy training has provided in-depth experiential development of her own practice that has enabled her to become a leading experiential trainer in the practice of working with people.  This depth of experience combined with a background as  chartered accountant means that she has a lot to offer practitioners who are looking to navigate the complex and challenging world of organisational coaching practice. Joanne’s first career was as  Chartered Accountant with PWC and she has trained over 30 coaches in coaching supervision.

Find out more about Joanne’s Professional Practice Seminar Series.

Feedback on Joanne’s training

‘Joanne creates safety that allows us to have the deep experiences without feeling vulnerable’

‘Jo has an amazing skill of bringing out the best in every one of us’

‘Jo is an inspirational trainer who walks with us on our journey’

‘Thank you for this opportunity. I have learned so much from you as facilitator, coach and supervisor. This training was insightful, experimental and just great fun. I was exposed to new coaching methods that just enhanced my thinking.’

‘I would like to highlight Jo’s ability to create a great container for learning. Her style is understated and affirming which created many opportunities for us to experiment with a different modality without fear of self-consciousness. This had a profoundly positive impact on my ability to work with the material and build confidence in working in a new modality.’

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